• Crispy eggs with cheese and cucumber on top
  • Fries with white dip and cheese on top
  • Nuggets with dip on top
  • Pasta with meat, sauce and cheese
  • Pasta with meat, sauce and cheese, red dip on top

Firebirds Chicken

About us

Out of all the places to eat in SD, FireBirds Chicken is the first Nashville Hot Crispy Chicken fast-casual restaurant in all of San Diego! With a very simple menu, but many different tastes that hit your taste buds. Founded in 2018, and brought to life in 2019, it was well worth the wait!

Our team

FireBirds was founded by two long time friends, Nick and Abe. Nick and Abe are both full-time students at UCSD and are full time committed to FireBirds! They hired the most awesome and cool staff! Have you ever met our staff? If not, come by and meet our staff! Follow them on Instagram at @FireBirdsCrew!